About MiniTruckCanada.com

We exist to provide the exchange of accurate information to anyone interested in MiniTrucks and MiniVans—specifically in Canada.

Educate Canadians on MiniTrucks and MiniVans

As the automotive industry constantly changes, the number of Canadians interested in used, quality Japanese vehicles has increased. Our goal is to be THE Canadian resource for MiniTrucks and MiniVans.

Connect Buyers with Business

By building dealer, aftermarket and service provider relationships, MiniTruckCanada.com connects end users with those in the business.

Build Network of Related Businesses

We all have one common thread. We love MiniTrucks and MiniVans. It's what we are passionate about.


MiniTruckCanada.com stands on neutral ground to help nurture healthy competition, exposure and revenue.


MiniTruckCanada.com is NOT a dealer or exporter. We actively market and offer a place for other businesses or individuals to sell their vehicles or services.

Support the industry

MiniTruckCanada.com is based in Toronto, Ontario.


We bring together our passion for Japanese vehicles with our design and marketing expertise.


MiniTruckCanada.com is a site dedicated to buyers and sellers for anything related to MiniTrucks or MiniVans and supports the growth of a healthy, responsible industry.

How can you take advantage of MiniTruckCanada.com?

Our job is to educate potential customers and then send them your way.


We will drive traffic to your website, email, or your phone number where you can close the deal.


The following marketing tools are available to you on our website:

Whether you're a large-volume importer in B.C. or a small parts distributor in Nova Scotia with a limited budget, you'll have access to the same marketing tools on MiniTruckCanada.com. We want to be your marketing and design department.




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We're happy to answer any questions you may have.