How do I import a vehicle
into Canada

There is a reason why not everybody is importing their own vehicles. It is a very complex procedure that if not executed properly, can become very costly and time consuming. Here are the basic steps involved:

Do your research

Find out if the particular vehicle you wish to import is admissible into Canada. (Unfortunately, you'll end up going in circles when looking for the info you want)
+ Read info from the Registrar of Imported Vehicles
+ Read info from Transport Canada
+ Read info from Canada Border Services Agency

Do the math. Add up the following:

Purchasing costs:

Cost to purchase the vehicle overseas

Cost of a mechanical inspection and any repairs

Taxes within country of export


Export fees:

Export fees for the country of export

Exporter's fees

Transport costs to the shipping port

Transport costs overseas

Transport insurance


Import fees:

Duties (6.1%)



Registration and plating costs:
Provincial vehicle registration

Licensing and plating

Safety inspections and emissions testing

Repairs (if necessary)


+ Read info from Ministry of Transport of Ontario

Work with a trustworthy exporter

Find a trustworthy exporter and either purchase the vehicle from their stock, or pay them to find and purchase a vehicle on your behalf.


Make sure they are able to provide:

Detailed photos of your vehicle

Answers to all of your questions

A VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) for your vehicle

Written sales receipt

Access to chemical washing of your vehicle

Shipping arrangements to your location




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